Amazing Benefits of Consuming Vitamin C

Vitamin C, known as ascorbic acid, is a vital nutrient for health. It plays an important role in strengthening our immune system. It helps one form and maintains skin, bones and blood vessels. Although some animals can synthesize their own vitamin C, human being and a vast majority of animals receive vitamin C from food. Food is the main source of Vitamin C.

Benefits of Consuming Vitamin C

Vitamin C is highly powerful like other antioxidants. This is why it is called a super antioxidant.

Benefits of Vitamin C

Different studies have shown people with higher levels of vitamin C have a lower chance of suffering from the diseases like stroke, bone fractures, cardiac arrests, type 2 diabetes, asthma, premature death, lingering colds, high blood pressure, and cancer.

It prevents you from the loss of mental faculties in later years. You stay safe from the risk of lingering colds and even early death.

Vitamin C donates endgames and electrons to injured molecules. It keeps us fit and healthy.

Consuming enough vitamin C helps you get rid of the stress, tension, illness, and exposure to toxins.

It heals wounds and scars.

Given below are some significant benefits of consuming Vitamin C

Vitamin C repairs your skin faster

Vitamin C repairs your skin and helps you get rid of many skin diseases. If you are experiencing issues in your knees and heal, you need to consume Vitamin C. Vitamin C plays an important role in preventing DNA mutation. It helps your body to fight against diseases, germs, and bacteria.

Moreover, it prevents premature death and skin aging.

It helps you shun your depression and boredom

If you feel a little low after a long day at your office or business, you need to make a habit of consuming Vitamin C. It makes you feel relaxed, calm and less anxious.

It saves you from catching cold

You catch cold easily due to the lack of vitamin C. Taking vitamin C regularly saves from the cold and cough.

Vitamin C boosts energy level

Low levels of vitamin C give you fatigue. Consuming Vitamin C boosts the energy level and make you energetic in what you do.

Sources of Vitamin C

  • Broccoli, Guava, Kakadu Plums, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower
  • Green, yellow and red peppers
  • Spinach, chili peppers, cabbage, white potatoes, sweet yellow peppers, turnip greens, sweet papers, blackcurrants and other leafy greens
  • Tomatoes, lemons, strawberries, oranges, winter squash and tomato juice

Supplements of vitamin C

Vitamin C contains in the fruits and vegetables in the form of ascorbic acid. It (ascorbic acid) has equal bioavailability in foods like orange juice, tomato sauce and juice, and broccoli. Other forms of vitamin C supplements are available in form of calcium ascorbate, sodium ascorbate, and other mineral ascorbates. Besides, there are some other forms like calcium threonate, calcium ascorbate, dehydroascorbate, lyxonate and xylonite.

Make it a habit of consuming Vitamin C to stay healthy, fit and safe from the attacks of various diseases. You are sure to have a long life.

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