Drink Green Tea to Lose Your Extra Weight

Sipping green tea early in the morning is very good for your health. If you have made it a habit, you are like of the 158 million other Americans who start their days by drinking green tea. As the reports have come from different studies that more 80 billion green teacups are consumed each year in the US. Many people love to enjoy the unique taste of it.

Green Tea to Weight Lose

As the researchers have shown, Green tea is more than only boosting your caffeine levels. It can help you lose your extra weight. If you are an obese or overweight person, you can take it as a diet for weight loss. If you are ready to know more about the benefits of drinking this mild stimulant drink, keep reading this small piece of writing. You will get to know how green tea can help you lose your extra weight.

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Green tea is not just flavored water. It is a dietas well. It contains many health benefits. When tea leaves are boiled in warm water, the water absorbs their bioactive compounds. Rich in nutrients and caffeine, green tea leaves contain an adequate number of detoxifying compounds and anti-inflammatory elements that help you protect your body from the attracts of free radicals.

Green contains the antioxidants. These are responsible for weight loss. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)is the essential catechin in green tea, helping you boost the metabolism and improve the efficiency for burning energy.

Many research works have proved that the flavonoids in green tea are responsible for enhancing fat oxidation levels and increasing the activity of insulin in your body.

Needless to say that you need to know how to prepare your green tea to ensure all benefits of sipping green tea.

Green tea preparation guidelines

Do not add sugar while boiling or preparing it. Adding sugar to it diminishes the useful benefits of green tea.

If you cannot have it without sugar, you can add natural sugar.  Instead, you can add passion fruits in your green tea. Even you can add honey to make the taste sweet.

You need to stir well before sipping it. Stirring very thoroughly make all ingredients to dissolve in the boiled water. Else, a few ingredients stay in the tea leaves.

Many people love drinking iced green tea, instead of hot tea. If you like it, you can cool it down by adding some ice.

Nowadays, many alternatives have come to the market. Now it has started coming into the market in the shape of diet pills.

Anyway, preparing it in own hand at your home has no better alternative. It is always advisable to prepare green tea at home without adding sugar. This will ensure you more health benefits.

Many people suffering from obesity has been taking this as their meal replacement. They love it for their healthy weight loss. If you are looking to lose your extra weight, you can have it on a regular basis. It is natural. It has no side effects on your body.

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