Major Causes of Headaches and How to Combat with These

A headache on top of the head may sometimes be a cause of worrying. However, in many cases it is is not a cause for major concern. Sometimes, muscles and nerves can cause a headache. In such a case, you do not need to visit the doctor.

Major Causes of Headaches

There are various reasons for a headache. Each of these may have its own trigger in different individuals.

Given below are common causes of headaches:

  1. A tension headache

A vast majority of people experience tension headaches. They feel pain in their head, forehead, neck or shoulders in some cases. The pain from tension makes you feel uncomfortable. However, it is not severe.

  1. Chronic headaches

Chronic headaches are not persistent sources of pain. It often causes pain near the top of the head. Lifestyle factors like work pressure, lack of sleep and stress may be a cause of chronic tension headaches.

  1. Migraine headaches

Migraine headaches are likely less common than tension headaches. However, it may be more severe than tension headaches. Often stated as severe and throbbing, this pain includes some other symptoms like nausea and extreme sensitivity to sound and light.

  1. Brain freeze

Exposure to cold may sometimes cause a brain freeze or a cold-stimulus headache. This can happen anytime while eating a cold thing like a large piece of ice cream or drinking cold drinks. Although it lasts for only a few seconds, it is sharp and severe. It disappears when the cold temperature disappears.

  1. Cluster headaches

As the name hints, cluster headaches occur in groups. These come suddenly on one side of the head and sometimes behind the eye. They can cause severe pain. You can get running nose, nasal congestion and a watery eye as the consequence of the cluster headaches.

  1. Sinus headaches

You get sinus headaches as the consequence of sickness or infection. These can cause a headache in the sides and top of the head. It disappears when the sickness or infection disappear.

  1. Sleep headaches

Inappropriate sleeping posture can give you sleep headaches or hypnic headaches. Issues in the spine become more prominent during the time of sleeping. It causes a headache on the top of the head or around it after waking. Sleeping in the right posture may help you overcome the issue.

Occipital neuralgia

Occipital neuralgia is a pain coming out when the nerves that lead from the spine to the top of the head disappears. This can bring about pain in the back or top of the head. Sometimes, you might feel that a band type thing tied around the head. People with occipital neuralgia might feel tingling or jolts of shocking pain.

Overuse headaches

Taking too much medication can bring about an overuse or a rebound headache. Over-the-counter medications s can lead to overuse headaches. Stop taking over the counter medication to get rid of this issue.

Exercise headaches

Some people receive a headache as the consequence of intense exercise like running sprints or having repetitive sex.

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