Drink Green Tea to Lose Your Extra Weight

Sipping green tea early in the morning is very good for your health. If you have made it a habit, you are like of the 158 million other Americans who start their days by drinking green tea. As the reports have come from different studies that more 80 billion green teacups are consumed each year in the US. Many people love to enjoy the unique taste of it. As the researchers have shown, Green tea is more than only boosting your caffeine levels. It can help you lose your extra weight. If you are an obese or overweight person, you

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The Health Benefits of Vitamins

Like carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, Vitamins do not provide you with energy. Instead, it helps your body to grow and develop. You become active and functional as the consequence of consuming vitamins. There are as many as thirteen essential vitamins to grow your body, boost your immunity power, heal wounds, boost your eyesight, strengthen your bones, improve your bone density, and help you obtain energy from food. You must intake an adequate amount of vitamin to keep your body active and functional. Else, you might feel week and lethargic. Without adequate vitamin intake, you might get many serious complications. As

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